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Rectification in Action

Year:1958 Issue:1



Release Date:1958-03-04

Page: 4,5

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Putting an end to waste and extravagance and rooting out all conservative ideas and practices that hold people back - this is what the rectification campaign to improve ways of thinking and doing things aims at in its present stage. The fight against waste and conservatism is now snowballing its way through every government office and enterprise in the country. In Peking, for example, in a single day, 26,000 tatsepao (wall-newspaper opinions written in bold poster-size Chinese characters) exposing waste were posted on the walls and corridors of the Ministry of Metallurgy. In Shanghai, the workers of a textile mill collected 350,000 items for an exhibition on waste at two hours' notice. The campaign is now in full steam with everyone drawn into the battle regardless of rank or position. Exposure is made not only by the rank and file but by senior officials who put up tatsepao criticizing the shortcomings of their own work too. They invite criticism and, as the current phrase goes, draw the fire to themselves.

The present campaign is far more than an economic battle. It is political, ideological and economic struggle all rolled into one. By tracing waste and extravagance to their roots, the trouble is found to lie deeper than its economic crust. Where one man can do the job of two, or where one yuan can be more profitably used to render the worth of more than half as much again, the out-of-date conventions which shackle people's initiative and the growth of productive forces must go by the board. The central purpose of the campaign is not just to spot and check wasteful practices but to establish the socialist principle of construction - build more, faster, better and more economically. Already the country's industrial output value in the first month of the year has been overfulfilled by 2.5 per cent, which is unusual, because January has always been a slow month getting into its stride. It is estimated that an additional 450,000 tons of steel and 400,000 tons of pig iron will be produced this year and a 30-40 per cent reduction in costs will be effected in the capital construction projects under the Ministry of Metallurgy in the Second Five-Year Plan. The campaign has accelerated production and improved work in all fields, made people much bolder in planning and given them that extra bit of dash and drive which accounts for the current leaps forward in industrial and agricultural production.

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