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Year:1958 Issue:1



Release Date:1958-03-04

Page: 17

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Steel Barter

A five-year barter agreement involving 100 million pounds sterling worth of iron ore and coal from China and the same value of steel from Japan was signed in Peking on February 26 between the Chinese National Mineral and Chinese Metals Import Corporations and a Japanese steel mission, headed by Mr. Yoshihiro Inayama, Managing Director of the Yamata Steel Corporation.

A protocol governing transactions of 10 million pounds each way in 1958 was signed at the same time. In 1959, the agreement envisages transactions totalling 18 million pounds each way, increasing to 21 million pounds in 1960, 24 million pounds in 1961 and 27 million pounds in 1962.

The agreement will be extended subject to agreement by both parties.

China at Leipzig

China is again strongly represented at this year's Leipzig International Spring Fair.

The more than 3,600 items on display in the Chinese Pavilion are more colourful and varied than ever before. They include 1,000 kinds of heavy and electrical industrial goods, many of which China produced for the first time in 1957. In the field of agricultural and animal products, there are oils and fats1 of all descriptions, soya beans, ground nuts, tea, bristles and many other traditional Chinese exports. Other exhibits include silks, satins and velvets, ivory sculptures, lacquer ware and enamel ware.

China exhibits at the Leipzig Fair for the eighth time.

* * *

A Japanese trade delegation headed by Mr. Masanosuke Ikeda, Liberal Party Diet member, arrived in Peking - on February 25. Representing three Japanese organizations interested in China trade, the delegation is expected to sign the fourth Sino-Japanese trade agreement.

* * *

The Japanese Commodities Exhibition closed in Canton on February 24. It was visited by 700,000 people during its 24-day run. Its next showing will be in Wuhan.

* * *

A Chinese economic and technical mission is now on a fact-finding tour in France. Divided into seven groups, members of the mission have been calling on factories, schools, and laboratories for a first-hand study of French achievements in railway, motor car, food, chemical, telecommunications, mining and electrical machinery industries.

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