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Greeting the United Arab Republic

Year:1958 Issue:1



Release Date:1958-03-04

Page: 18,19

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The Chinese press frontpaged messages from Chairman Mao Tse-tung and Premier Chou En-lai to President Nasser congratulating him on the establishment of the United Arab Republic and announcing China's recognition of the new state.

"The founding of the United Arab Republic is a great event in the political life of the Egyptian and Syrian people, and, indeed, a matter of great significance at the present stage of the national independence movement," declared the Peking Renmin Ribao (People's Daily) editorially.

Showing that co-operation between Egypt and Syria is truly in the common interest of the two peoples, Renmin Ribao cited developments in recent years: "To support the Egyptians when Britain, France and Israel invaded Egypt in 1956, Syria immediately cut the oil pipe-lines of the imperialist powers. Last October when the U.S.-Turkish invasion of Syria seemed imminent, Egypt did not hesitate to send her armed forces to aid Syria. Clearly the founding of the new republic will add to the united strength of the people of the two countries and help the common struggle against colonialism."

"Divide and rule, that is the favourite method the Western colonialists use to weaken and subjugate the Arab people," the paper continued. "Through the establishment of military blocs in the Middle and Near East, the United States, Britain and other colonial powers have for many years been trying to set the Arab people by the ears. Their many plots were directed especially against Egypt and Syria because these two countries stood most firmly for their national independence. "The question confronting the Arab countries today is: Which path to take? One is adherence to the policy of peace and neutrality, preservation of one's national independence and sovereign rights and strengthening of unity and co-operation between the Arab countries; this is the path taken by Egypt and Syria. The other is adherence to the U.S. military bloc to carry out its aggressive plans, the sacrifice of one's sovereign rights and national interests and enmity with each other. Clearly, only the first path conforms with the interests of the Arab nations and Middle East and world peace."

Renmin Ribao concluded by expressing confidence that friendship between China and the United Arab Republic will be further enhanced and wishing the people of the new republic every success.

"Those with an eye for history," wrote Guangming Ribao (Enlightenment Daily) on February 24, "know that the Arab people was once a powerful and united nation. Though they suffered dismemberment following the Turkish invasion in the 16th century, their powerful aspirations for unity never died.... After years of struggle against aggression, the Arab people realize that unity is the source of strength and only the solidarity of the Arab nations can hold foreign aggressors at bay."

Zhongguo Qingnian Bao (China Youth News) on February 25 also published an article on the new republic, stating: "The formation of the United Arab Republic reflects the powerful nationalist sentiment in the area . . . there is no doubt that this is a blow to the Bagdad Pact and the Eisenhower Doctrine. The union will also help economic development of the two countries."

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