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Year:1958 Issue:1



Release Date:1958-03-04

Page: 18,19

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Indonesia for the Americans!?

"The Republic of Indonesia came into being, partly at least, as a result of the interest of the United States that the republic should be founded," said Mr. Dulles, putting his foot in his mouth with his usual felicity.

Mr. Dulles' calculated insult will cause anger and ironic laughter among the Indonesian patriots who so heroically founded their republic in the teeth of Western imperialist opposition.

Oil's Thicker Than Blood

Sjafruddin, self-styled "prime minister" of the rebels in Central Sumatra, has announced five principles, one of which is that the region's rich resources will be developed "for the people." Suluh Indonesia, however, discloses that even before they formed their "government," Sjafruddin & Co. had given a 2,000,000-hectare concession to Standard Oil and two other companies and promised to hand back the oilfields in North Sumatra to Dutch oil interests.

Somebody's hands were greased!

On the Stump for Strontium 90

Answering Japanese protests on the announcement of a new series of American nuclear tests at Eniwetok Island, Admiral Stump, C. O. of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, declares that cessation of these tests would "weaken Japan's security."

Somehow we think it will take more than Slump to convince the Japanese people that their security is strengthened by more radio-active fall-out, more death-dealing Strontium 90 in their air, seas, food and very bones.

And You Can't Take It with You

The United States Government is one of the biggest owners of real estate in the world. It announced on February 17 that it owns 772 million acres of land of which more than 360 million acres are parts of 109 foreign countries.

This frank exposure of land grabbing evidently has something to do with the "positions of strength" policy and those U.S. military bases that cover so vast an area of other people's land. So now we know why wider still and wider sounds the cry: "Yanks go home!"

Is everything foreseen?

Is everything foreseen?

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