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Year:1958 Issue:1



Release Date:1958-03-04

Page: 23

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IMPERIAL CONCUBINE The story of the Ching Emperor Kuang Hsu's favourite concubine Chen Fei, who was assassinated at the instigation of the Empress Dowager Tse Hsi. With Chang Chun-chiu, well-known actor, as Chen Fei.

Mar. 4 at CM Hsiang Theatre

BATTLE OF WITS and BORROWING THE EAST WIND Two episodes from The Romance of the Three Kingdoms on the battle of wits and strategy between Chukuo Liang of the Shu Kingdom and Chou Yu of the Wu Kingdom of 3rd century. With Ma Lien-liang, Tan Fu-ying and Chiu Sheng-yung, famous veteran actors, playing leading roles.

Mar. 4 at Tienchiao Theatre

FOUR SCHOLARS One of the numerous stories about Sung Shih-chieh, who fights the corrupt officials of his time to help the poor and oppressed. Ma Lien-liang in the role of Sung.

Mar. 6 at Yuan En Szu Theatre

ACT OF JUSTICE Pao Cheng, a just official during the Sung dynasty, makes an example of an unfaithful husband. With Chiu Sheng-yung as Pao Cheng.

Mar. 7 at Chung Ho Theatre


TO BECOME A "RED" A new opera about a new theme - intellectuals who go out to work in the countryside. With Hsiao Pai Yu Shuang, one of China's best pingchu actresses, in the lead. Produced by the China Pingchu Opera Company.

Mar. 8 at Ta Chung Theatre


RICKSHAW BOY Adapted from Lao Sheh's popular novel about the life of the dispossessed in old Peking. Sung in chu yi style, a new kind of opera developed since liberation. Peking Chu Yi Troupe.


PAO LIEN TENG (Precious Lotus-Lantern) - A new tragicomedy ballet danced by graduates of the Peking Classical Ballet School.

Mar. 7 aft. at Tienchiao Theatre

THE WHITE-HAIRED GIRL - China's most famous modern opera. It is based on the true story of a peasant girl who. forced to flee to a mountain wilderness from landlord oppression, returns to the world of man alter liberation. Ting Yi and Ho Ching-chih won a Stalin Prize for Literature and Art in 1951 for their libretto. Produced by the Central Experimental Opera Theatre.

Mar. 7 & 8 night at Tienchiao Theatre


AT THE FOOT OF THE TIENSHAN MOUNTAINS - A new play by Wu Yu-hsiao describing the life of the Uighur peasants after liberation. Produced by the China Youth Art Theatre.

Mar. 4-10 at China Youth Art Theatre

THE MAN WITH THE GUN - The famous Soviet play by Pogodin in Chinese translation. Produced by the Peking People's Art Theatre. Mar. 4-7 at People's Theatre

SONG OF YOUTH - by Liu Chuan. It shows how a young college graduate becomes a working-class intellectual through working in the countryside. The Peking People's Art Theatre.

Mar. 8-10 at Capital Theatre

TALES OF THE CHING COURT - A historical play by Yang Tsun-pin about the struggle for power between two ruling factions of the Ching court headed by the Emperor Kuang Hsu and the Empress Dowager Tse Hsi. Produced by the Peking Experimental Theatre.

Mar. 4 & 5 at Changan Theatre.

DEVILS IN THEIR TRUE COLOURS - A lively comedy by Yang Hua-sheng satirizing the bourgeois rightists who attacked socialism during the rectification campaign.. Produced by the Peking Experimental Theatre.

Mar. 6 & 7 at Changan Theatre


AH FU RECOVERS LOST TREASURE -The adventures of a Young Pioneer in recovering a valuable tool which has been sold by mistake. Produced by the Shanghai Film Studio.

Mar. 4 at Children's Cinema

Mar. 5 & 6 at Kwangho Theatre, Peking Workers' Club

Mar. 7 & 8 at Kwangan Men and Peking Workers' Club

Mar. 9 at Chung Yang, Hsin Chieh Kou, Soviet Exhibition Centre Cinema.

MOTHER AND DAUGHTER - The conflict of old and new ideas in teaching as represented by a mother and her daughter who teach at the same school. Produced by the Changchun Film Studio.

Mar. 7 & 8 at Children's Cinema. Chung Yang, Kwangho Theatre, Tungszu Workers' Club

Mar. 9 at Kwangho Theatre, Tungszu Workers' Club

CIRCUS PERFORMERS - A coloured wide-screen film made by the Central Documentary Film Studio of the Soviet Union. It shows not only the exciting performances they put on but also the performers' life offstage.

Mar. 4-10 at Capital Cinema.

FIVE SONGS ("Die Windrose") - A coloured film of women's life and work in the five countries of Brazil, the Soviet Union, France, Italy and China. Jointly produced by Defa Films of the German Democratic Republic and the World Federation of Women. Directed by World Peace Prize winner Joris Tvens.

Mar. 7 & 8 at Ta Hua, Chiao Tao Kou. Hsin Chieh Kou, Soviet Exhibition Centre Cinema

Three Shakespearean Classics Produced on the Screen by the Soviet Union

In Colour


Mar. 4-6 at Ta Hua, Chung Yang, Chiao Tao Kou, Hsin Chieh Kou, Kwangan Men, Tungszu Workers' Club, Soviet Exhibition Centra Cinema.


- starring Galina. Ulanova

Mar. 4 at Ta Hua, Chiao Tao Kou. Tungszu Workers' Club

Mar. 5 & 6 at Hsin Chieh Kou, Chung Yang, soviet Exhibition Centre Cinema


Mar. 4 at Hsin Chieh Kou, Chung Yang Soviet Exhibition Centre Cinema, Kwangan Men

Mar. 5 & 6 at Ta Hua, Chiao Tao Kou. Tungszu Workers' Club, Kwangan Men


The Central Symphony Orchestra presents a programme of waltzes by Strauss, Weber, Tschaikovsky, and Chinese composers.

Conductor: Chang Ning-ho

Soloist: Liu Shu-fang (Soprano)

Mar. 9 10:00 a.m. at China Youth Art Theatre

Mar. 9 7:15 p.m. at Capital Theatre


3RD NATIONAL EXHIBITION OF GRAPHIC ART - 302 prints. Woodcuts in black and white and in colour, etchings, lithographs, etc. from all over China. Works by Ku Yuan, Li Hua and other well-known artists, also by artists of the national minorities. Sponsored by the All-China Artists' Union. Open daily 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Closing date March 9

At the Gallery of the Artists' Union on Shuai Fu Yuan, off Wang Fu Ching St. EXHIBITION OF JAPANESE CALLIGRAPHY AND SEAL-ENGRAVING Jointly sponsored by the Chinese People's Association for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries and the Society of Chinese Calligraphy in Peking Daily (except Mon.) 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Closing date Mar. 20

At Peihai Park (Winter Palace)


"Soviet Literature of the 1920's" - Speaker: Yeh Shui-fu, noted Chinese translator of Soviet literature and member of the Institute of Literature. Sponsored jointly by the National Peking Library and the Cultural Club of the Peking Sino-Soviet Friendship Association.

Date Mar. 9

Tickets available at the National Peking Library on Mar. 7 at 6 p.m.

"How to Manage a Home and Bring Up Your Children" - lectures organized by the Working People's Palace of Culture on Mar. 5, 6, 7 and 8 in honour of International Women's Day. The Children's Theatre will put on short plays after the lectures on Mar. 6-8.


Take a Trip Through the Universe! and Learn About the Stars!

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